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Last updated: Oct, Sun, 2018

When you walk into the local bicycle shop(LBS), facing so many kinds of different bikes, I believe you will feel head explodes and overwhelmed. Especially when it comes to price, and with the self-promotion of store personnel.

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What bike should I get? Well, you have come to the right place. This is a guide to buying bicycles for sale online. It can help you choose a bike that suits your needs and how to save your money.

what type of bike should I buy?

This problem seems to be bothering you and most starters. Despite the varied of bicycles, but they are can be classified into 3 types of paths — On-road, Off-road, X-road. First off, think about what kind of terrain your bike is going to ride on.

  • On-road, refer to all paved pavements, such as asphalt, pebble.
  • Off-road, represents unpaved pavement, such as trails, roots, and rocks.
  • X-road, means mixed terrains who you’re riding on-road plus off-road, and dirt roads and gravels.

As a knowledge point, each type of terrains used different tire wide and tread patterns for perfect handling that you can work.


This terrain has road bikes, cruiser bikes, and urban bikes. Those bikes are usually equipped with thin and smooth tires from 23mm to 32mm to provide faster scrolling.

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Speed, lightweight frames, and efficiency are the three traits that define this category of bikes. At sometimes, we talk about on-road where we mean road bikes. Because the road bikes do the best job of maximizing each of these qualities.

On road bikes for sale market, you probably have the following options.

  • Racing road bikecommon to Tour de France, also called standard/performance/competition road bicycle. If you’re a person who lives on a bonus that would be it!
  • On the side, as a casual rider or beginner or weekend warrior, an endurance road bike will get you where you want to be comfortable and find pleasure in it.
  • Flat-bar road bike also called fitness bike. If you just want to exercise your body, go it. That also a good commuter bike on roads. Most of the flat bar road bikes sold on the market are using the geometric frame of endurance.
  • Touring? If you mean for long commuting, then an endurance bike can be done. Because the endurance road bikes are designed for long distance. Not? You also can find a special-touring bike.

If you are looking for an entry level road bike for participation in events or entertain, or commuting, or exercise and or training, pick up an endurance road bike that you won’t go far wrong. Aside, the road bikes also have some subtypes with off-road features, which I will mention below.

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Off bike tires wide from 50mm up to 100mm, and with rubbers that provides greater grip under loose conditions, and can absorb great impact but their rolling is slower.

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Off bikes basically said that mountain bikes on here(some guys may connect in the mind with BMX or motorcycles). These bikes are your power to stimulate the adrenal gland for outdoor adventures, if you like steep climbs or do ride often at altitude.

Mountain biking is based on skills which according to different techniques, it can be divided into cross-country, trail, enduro/all-mountain, and downhill bikes.

  • Cross-Country(XC) Bikes can be seen as an entry-level version of trail bikes, bikes in this category emphasis on the fun of going up mountains. You can ride this kind of mountain bike to shuttle back and forth on the trail or forest dirt road.
  • Trail bike keeps your riding a mixture of climbs and descents and are built for doing pretty much everything from dirt roads to single-track trails. This is the beginning of your practice skills where imitate YouTube simple actions.
  • All-mountain (also called enduro mountain) is more focused on the downgrade and that your control of yourself. Most of these bicycles will be in full suspension category, which is to help riders through more difficult and more technical barriers.
  • Downhill bikes are designed for riders who want to go downhill only, fast, and have no fear or very good health insurance. And your budget is at least 3000. Other, freeride mountain bikes and dirt jump bikes are derivation version that enduro plus downhill features.

As a beginner or a limited budget man, I would recommend XC or trail bike. Plus, fat bikes are a new style and is welcomed by beginners in the market of mountain bikes for sale.

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X-road is the product of a marriage between road and mountain bikes, tires wide from 32mm to 50mm. Those bikes are designed to be ridden on mixed surfaces and can handle some unpaved pavements and provide good power on the paved road.

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X-road bike is a good option for the commuters to adopt the riders who want to get both values on a bike. Those have two line, one is an on-road bike for off. And one is an off-road bike for flat. That involves different proportions on your distance — such as 60%~70% on-road plus 30%~40% offroad, or contrary.

  • A hybrid bike is a mountain for on-road. These bicycles are usually stock with a horizontal bar and a front suspension fork, but 700c wheels. For a cyclist who rides slightly rough trails, flat city roads, and the occasional park adventure, the hybrid meets most purposes.
  • The gravel bikes is a road bike for offroad, drop-bar and have not suspension. It’s a new type, also called the all-road bike. As it can sludge exploration, commuter, and also can a lightweight touring(little packing). They are becoming a new sell marketing. If you swing between commuting and sports, it will satisfy all of you.
  • Cyclocross bike is a competition version of gravel with aggressive geometry. CX events are popular in the United States and used to be the preferred list of commuters.

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Now you basically have an answer, and I believe at least narrow the scope of your choice. However, except base on your terrain, you can also filter by bicycle function — like speed, electric, fold, seat, and wheels.

  • Single-speed bikes just have one gear only. They meet your commuting needs in the downtown. Because excess speed and shift are redundant here. Traditionally, the beach cruiser is a single speed bike. There are 7 speed or 3-speed cruiser bikes for sale today.
  • E-bike is a bicycle but with an electric motor and battery attached, and halves the effort takes to cycle to work. This saves you a lot of time and hassle of commuting.
  • Folding bikes save storage space for people living in the metropolitan and are not easily stolen.
  • Tandem is a bicycle with at least 2 seats, and suit those who want to together training, play or events.
  • Tricycle is a bike feature with 3 wheels. The recumbent bike is a new family member. These bikes built for fitness and touring.

OK, you may be obsessed by gender to screen when buying a bike. That’s not true, there is no gender in adult bicycles. But people billed step-through frame’s bicycle as women’s bikes.


Now, let’s talk about what is your ride for. And, the use of bikes is basically divided into commuting and sports.

The most basic function of a bicycle is to use them as a means of transportation. With regard to commuters, buy a right bike usually depends on your riding route and the distance to be covered.

  • If you are commuting on the city’s oil cypress Roads with 3~5 miles, the stylish single-speed bikes and easy with convenient folding bikes will attract you.
  • If your travels are under 15miles mixed path, then gravel road bikes and hybrids can cope with the muds and gravels on the ground.
  • If you are riding on the long-distance paved roads(20 miles), an endurance road bike or a flat-bar road bike you should go.
  • If you have joint damage or your journey is too long, an electric/motorized bike can provide help and power for you. They do not require a license but the speed limit is up to 20 miles per hour.

Mountain bikes have too many elements of sport, and we don’t consider it as an option. If your distance is too rough and long, my suggestion is an electric scooter bike or gas motorcycle or a car.


Though more and more people use bicycles as green life part today. But entertainment, fitness, and even are their main battlefields.

Entertainment, almost all bicycles can be your options I don’t know your interest.

  • If you like the stunts, BMX or fixie bikes(single speed class) can be your options.
  • If you interested in adventure and open country, mountain bike, gravel road bike(road sub-type) and cyclocross bike you can go.
  • If you’re wandering around the neighborhood, the most basic beach cruiser or tandem bike just well.
  • If you live in a place near the beach or snow, a fat tire bike(mountain sub-type) will get you big fun.

Fitness, an endurance or flat bar road bike(road sub-type) is the best choice when it comes to long-distance ride(greater than 20 miles) except for specific-fitness bikes. If it is a medium ride, a hybrid bike can do it.

If you are a runner or swimmer and hope the bike to training, an endurance road bike can be helpful yet.

For the race bike, your choice is pretty straightforward. If the trails, roots, and rocks are your tea, then look for mountain bikes just get a wheels size. The glory of speeds? If your goal is not to stand on the podium, an endurance road bike will be fine.


Path-based, there are only 3 categories of bicycles. But for different groups of people and needs, they have derived some subtypes. Coupled with the publicity(make money) of manufacturers, this has created unnecessary confusion and difficulty in selection.

In terms of multifunction, a road bike is your best choice. With thicker tires, disc brakes and a more upright geometry, many of the current road models are fast, efficient and durable. You will notice that those bikes usually are the road bike’s sub-types.

Cycling is a workout that fits in relatively easily because it can replace a morning and afternoon commute.

This is a good chance to build your muscles. As it works the glutes, quads, and calves and leaves you with lean muscles from your ankles all the way up to your lower back.

Some of the less obvious benefits include surprising improvement in core muscle groups from balancing, which improve your posture, and upper body strength as well, giving you an all-over workout.

Once you have identified which one of the types, the budget may be annoying you again. To avoid this, I suggest that you set your budget to be flexible, not fixed(E.g under 500).

As an experience, 300~600 dollars of the budget is a reasonable interval. However, it’s worth what you spend a little more than your budget. You get what you pay that is a verity.

Please continue to browse my other articles, I have compiled a few online for sale bikes to compare and review for you that will help your SAVE your cost and biking today.