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Hello, welcome come to my site. I’m Horney. I squeeze on yoga and cycling every week. I love those aerobic exercises that keep my health.

I’m a cycling enthusiast. I have a mountain bike、a road bike and a hybrid — gravel. I consider adding a fat bike recently. To my mind, my wallet will refuse to talk the electric pedal(that will up the fun ride on the coast of California) option. I think so.

the site

My friends like to share their opinions on foods and calories. But here, is our cyclist guideline. I collect and compare cycling products online, I hope those views can help you SAVE your cost and biking today.

How to buy a bike? The bikes have more than ten types. Combine your terrains or where your interest riding. So you can be narrowing your search. The budget may prompt you to make a final decision which one, I think. And then go to make sure the size fits you.

Here’s where you can start if you’re new — bikes for sale types. This is a detailed guide to help you understand the functions of different types of bicycles and handle corresponding road paths.

earn money

Like you, I have hungry mouths to feed. I make a living through purchases made through my partner and affiliate sites, such as Amazon.com, Google AD (etc.) at no cost to you. I think that’s a pretty fair/honest idea and impetus with sharing. Thank you for your support.


If you disagree with me on any reviews, find out mistakes or want me to comment on certain contents, I would certainly like to hear your opinion. You can send an email to me[hello(at)buyer.bike]. *Spam, advertising, emails will be intercepted.

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