6 best cruiser bikes for women

Last updated: Nov, Mon, 2020

Cruiser bikes are ideal for recreational riding and beach cruises. Are you looking for best cruiser bikes for women? I edited a list here to help you save your time.

best women’s bike for casual riding

Beach cruisers are not designed to help you win the game or get from point A to point B quickly. They are considered an extension of your personality and a part of your lifestyle.

The cruiser is the purest bicycle. A frame, a chain and two wheels go along. They look good, so they’re a fashion statement that you carry with you every time you ride a bike.

Beach cruiser is best women’s bike for casual riding. It does not need to be designed to conform to aerodynamics as road bikes.

There is also no need for mountain bikes to be equipped with suspensions to resist road bumps to achieve stability.

Because of this, the power provided by the cruiser is limited and suitable for riding within a range of 3 to 6 mils. If your commute (to school) distance is within its radiation range, it will be happy to serve you.

Besides, the cruiser is not a great climber. It is impossible to travel around the mountains. Climbing is more like a leg press.

It is aimed at short and casual tours, so you can go to the nearby coffee shop for a drink or catch the cool beach wind to pass the time.

So, why purchase the beach cruiser?

If you are keen on riding and looking for comfort, then the cruiser bike is your best choice. These bicycles are designed to ensure that you enjoy a more comfortable, fun and relaxing riding experience.

Having said that, due to cruiser bikes are simple and pure, with no extra features, their price tags are often very attractive.

Purchase a cheap womens bike, or a bike that is less than your tight budget, the cruiser bike is undoubtedly your best item.

#1 Electra Townie 7D Step-Through Women’s Bike

Electra Townie 7D is a 7-speed cruiser bike built for women. This is one of the best Women’s comfort bikes on the market.

Saddles are a dream and ergonomic ride. A mount is like butter, and even if you’re not happy with your body, the buttocks can also feel the shock absorption riding experience very well.

Trek is a big brand. Electra Townie 7D is commissioned by Trek, which gives us a sense of trust in quality. Said one customer. This is an excellent bike. I cycling 10 miles to and from work every day. It’s just not good for the hills.

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  • one-size, 26inch wheels, suggest 5’0″~6’3″.

#2 Firmstrong Bella Classic Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Bella is a stylish bike that works with sidewalks and gravel paths that don’t have any problems.

Bella is available in a variety of colors and speeds. It’s great to be a cruiser in flat areas with no slopes. Although not equipped with a basket, it’s a little bit of a pity.

The Bella is not a performance bike, but it combines comfort and ease of use. One client said it hit the mark after satisfying a leisurely ride around the city’s perimeter.

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  • one-size, 26inch wheels, suggest 5’0″~6’0″.

#3 Creme Molly Ladies Bike

Creme Molly is a Women’s cruiser bike with basket for stress-relieving, who travels around the city in style.

The Molly is built around a lightweight aluminium frame, and lighter than a steel bike. That also has front and rear hanger, lighting. This ensures your safety.

As a little lady, it wasn’t easy to find the right clothes, but I was able to hop on the bike and keep going. Said one customer. And it comes with everything, which saves me an extra budget.

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  • one-size, 26inch wheels, suggest 5’2″~6’3″.

#4 Laventino Glide 3 Ladies Urban Bike

Laventino Glide 3 is a black women’s cruiser bike with urban commuter style.

Stylish appearance with fender and rack. You can take some things with you. The Shimano Nexus deserves credit for providing excellent efficiency. The existence of bicycle lights can attract the attention of passers-by, safety and reliability.

I bought this bike for my mother. Said one customer. Socialize in the bike lane. Light commuting and keep-alive. The perfect recipe!

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  • one-size, 26inch wheels, suggest 5’2″~5’10”.

#5 Schwinn Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

Schwinn Mikko also comes with a variety of color and speed options. And comes with front and rear fenders that prevent mud from splashing onto you and your clothes. Old brands give people more trust.

The womens cruiser bike with a coaster brake.This means that the bike will be stopped and stopped when you step backward. If you’re not used to this kind of braking. You simply have to put up a hand brakes on the handlebars in front of the bicycle.

If you want to wind your way through a neighborhood or boardwalk on a bike, that’s this bike. Said one customer. Rear pedal braking is so much fun. It’s like I’m pedaling a BMX.

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  • one-size, 26inch wheels, suggest 5’4″~6’2″.

#6 Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Classic Cruiser Bike

Huffy nel lusso bike is a budget friendly and a best-selling cruiser bike. Provides almost all the gears you might need. In addition to the beautiful yellow, there are charming beach green.

If you’re looking for a cheap cruiser, or you haven’t cycled in years and are scared to get back on your bike. This bike is a game changer.

This is a gift from my daughter. She loves this lovely bike and it’s fun to ride, said one client.

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  • 26inch wheels, suggest 5’0″~6’0″. 24inch wheels, suggest over 12 old.

24 vs 26-inch women’s cruiser bike

Cruiser bike frame is often one-size, so use wheel size to distinguish. Often, you’ll see that a cruiser bike is either 24″, or 26 inches.

The 26-inch cruiser bike fits most adults. The 24-inch bicycle is suitable for the kid older than 12 years old as a transitional use. As they may be several centimeters taller next year.

This womens bike size guide will tell you more about.

women’s cruiser bike with gears

Generally, the womens cruiser bikes looks elegant. Some models will come with some extra accessories to make the bike more valuable, so as to satisfy your daily riding as much as possible.


Bells are an invaluable tool like bike lights, and they can alert other riders that you are approaching. If your model does not include a bell, you can buy one to attach to the handlebar at a low price.

Lights or reflectors

Mirrors or lights at the front or rear of the cruiser can help keep other riders or vehicles be aware of your presence in low light or emergency situations. You should always put safety first.

basket and rack

A basket is usually an iconic design element and functional feature of a women’s cruiser bike. Rack can be used to carry/pack heavier objects.


The fender prevents water and dirt from splashing onto your body along the wheel.


Many cruiser bikes have a coaster brake. The brakes are older, and you have to step backwards to force the bike to stop. If you’re on a steep hill and you don’t have good control, it can be dangerous to descend.

Then again, beach cruiser is not a great rider for hilly terrain. So this worry seems a bit misplaced. Anyway, I still recommend that you install an extra rim brake on the handlebar.

The rim brake is a cheap option that works well and is suitable for most rides. Disc brake has improved a step further. And can provide a great control, especially in hilly or wet conditions. But disc brake usually cannot be installed by itself.


In recent years, some newly launched cruisers have begun to provide more optional speeds, the common choices are 3-speed and 7-speed.

Although this can save the energy of the rider. But if you expect these bikes to bring you great performances (cost-effective), you may be disappointed (yet everyone’s expectations are different).

In terms of the power provided, a variety of speeds can be ridden for longer distances, usually 10 to 20 mils or more (depending on how much energy you have).

Yet the cruiser is cumbersome(no less than 30 pounds), and longer distances require greater effort and more time to pedal. Time is money. Your boss won’t reward you with a piece of butter for being late.

If a road bike takes only five minutes to ride a mile, a cruiser might take 10 minutes. If you want it to be your commuting partner, you need to leave the house much earlier.

Do you have experience that if you suddenly do a lot of physical labor today, your shoulders will feel pain the next day.

That’s this. If you often use a big guy as an exercise tool, then a long step (long distance) may cause damage to your thigh muscles.

So, if you need to ride more mileage, more cycling purposes (like fitness), or unsatisfied/disagree with these best cruiser bikes for women.

Here is a post best hybrid bikes for women worthy of your reading. Those city bicycles may better meet your expect.

child seat

So far, no manufacturing store a child seat has been found for cruiser bikes. But the bike rack has a reserved mount hole, you can add a rear rack-mounted child seat or trailer