11 best hybrid bikes for women

Last updated: Nov, Mon, 2020

We round up the best hybrid bikes for women. Check out this list of hybrid buyers to find the perfect bike for your riding style.

Anyway, our favorite models are GHOST Square Cross 1.8 and Tommaso Sterrata Gravel bike. In other words, if you want to simplify this list, choose one or the other, depending on your rugged terrain or not.

Why Choose the Women’s Hybrid Bike

As expected, the hybrid takes the best of the other two-wheeled vehicles of its kind and can be combined to cope with various terrains without compromising comfort.

The women’s-specific has a slightly narrower handlebar, female-specific saddle, and a shorter frame jacking tube with a higher head-tube, complementing the typical size of the female body.

Compared with unisex bike, you will not need to replace any parts. Such as handlebars with a deep drop to a pair with a shallower drop。

At the same time, most Women’s Hybrid Bikes will provide smaller sizes (Small or X-Small). This makes the short rider (you) realize that they have not been abandoned.

In addition, some womens bike models provide a step-through frame. This design is beneficial for smaller women because it has a lower standing height. This is convenient for women with limited mobility who want to wear skirts or simply prefer the design.

However, if you are a tall lady, a unisex bike may be more suitable for your height ratio. You need to test it yourself. And, you’re bothered by the size of the bike, look here.

how to choose the women’s hybrid bikes for best?

To assess what best hybrid bikes are, you need to first understand the structural components of a bike, including the frame, wheels, and components that make up the drivetrain.

Carbon fiber, aluminum and steel are the most common frame materials in the middle and low-end markets.

  • Steel is cheap, and for beginners on a low budget like you, that’s good. But the bike is heavy and you need to spend more effort pedaling on it. Especially when you’re climbing a hill.
  • One more thing, steel rusts easily. If you live near the sea or in an area with water, that’s not what you want to see.
  • Aluminum is lighter than steel. A bike that allows you to lift easily is definitely more flexible and easier to control when cycling. The price of just will be higher.
  • Carbon fiber bicycles belong to non-metallic materials, not easy to damage, while broken is not easy to repair. The price tag is usually above 1000. In my opinion, there is no need to invest in such an expensive hybrid bike. But road bikes, I deal.

The overall weight of the bike can provide a sense of direction. A good hybrid bikes weigh less than 30 pounds. This means bikes are store with fewer steel parts.

If you add a suspension fork, allow 1 to 2 pounds higher than this value.

But yet, the weight of the bike generally does not appear in the product details. So, it’s hard to make a judgment based on that. So, another rough estimate is based on the bike drivetrain.

drive parts

The main components of the drive system include shifters, brakers, chain and front and rear gears. A bike cannot function without a transmission system. It’s like a car without an engine.

So, most of your budget drop in bike drivetrain. Best women’s hybrid bikes mean excellent drivetrain.

And the higher the component level, durability is better, the more optional speeds are available.

If a bicycle offers more speeds, it may have better accessories. It also deserves your attention. Combining the weight of the bicycle and the frame material will guide you to the correct direction of judgment.

Having said that, as paradoxical as this may seem, you shouldn’t care how many speed terms a bike has.

A 7-speed bike is enough for a rider who lacks climbing. When driving on a flat road, you only switch between 1 and 3 speeds.

More speed options are prepared to reduce the difficulty and power consumption when climbing. This involves the slope of the hill you climb (of course it won’t be a hillside 90° perpendicular to the ground).

Higher slopes usually have traffic warning signs. If you have not found it so far, it means that your cycling route does not need to cope with such difficult slopes. A bicycle with a 16-speed can help you climb a 30-degree slope with dignity.

bike wheels

Hybrid bike tires are wider (32mm is common, but up to 48mm) than road bike tires, but narrower than mountain bike tires.

The wider the tire, the better the ability to handle unpaved sections. In contrast, the speed will be stopped.

If you want to change to a bigger tire to reduce bumps, you’ll need to make sure the frame gap is enough to accommodate the larger size.

Here I just want you to clear a concept, the bike tire wide is personalized. And difficult to discuss with our topic — best hybrid bikes for women.

Generally speaking, the original bicycle wheels are large enough to help you cope with your riding.

best women’s hybrid bikes under 300

In fact, there is no Such thing as women’s hybrid bikes under 300 for best at this price point. Don’t be fooled by the title. I just want to talk to you about the price tag.

We’re not talking about buying a used bike. While even a bicycle made of cheap steel can cost no less than 300.

If you’re around a budget of 500 or more, the following list is for you. A higher price tag means that the bike is lighter, the components are more durable, and the riding experience is better.

So, how to set a reasonable budget?

If you are looking for best women’s hybrid bikes under 500, most manufacturers will feel embarrassed. But there are also have few models for you to choose from.

In the past, a reasonable budget was 500. But today, due to rising tariffs and some social factors, the budget should be up to 600 or 800.

hybrid vs gravel bike

One’s treasure may just be your hell thoughts, So make sure to choose the correct design for the riding terrain you are considering.

As hybrids have the largest range of bike types. Some are more affected by the type of road, while others are closer to the end of the mountain bike.

The position of the bike parked on this scale will affect its ability to cope with rugged off-road terrain or its speed on asphalt.

If you spend most of your time commuting and occasionally consider cycling on weekends, a gravel bike may be the ideal choice.

If your commute involves off-road terrain, or you choose a hybrid bike to explore the roads around the area, then a hybrid with a front suspension seems greater for you.

best women’s hybrid bikes under 500

#1 sixthreezero Body Ease Women’s Comfort Bike

Sixthreezero Body Ease Women’s Comfort Bike is an affordable entry-level hybrid Bike. Especially suitable for older ladies.

Fully kitted out for the short distance commute, coming complete with apannier rack, and a suspension fork.

The weight of these extra components does make the bike a bit bulky. But the lower upper tube, women-specific geometry and wide saddle make this bike very comfortable.

Classic look, with smooth cheese paint work – there must be a lot to love about this bike. The provide you with 3 to 8 miles of comfort cruising. If you don’t have a great need for mileage, check out the beach cruiser.

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  • one-size, 26inch wheels, suggest 5’2″~5’10”.

#2 Raleigh Bikes Venture 3.0 Comfort Bike

The surprisingly light aluminum frame forms the basis of this Raleigh Bikes Venture 3.0, and the satisfying Shimano shift takes care of all the gears.

The low tramping distance makes the bike easy to climb up hills, and the sit-up position is very comfortable even for longer trips. The slightly splayed handlebars and padded saddle also add comfort.

Venture 3.0 doesn’t look like a fast bike, but its features will definitely give you a smooth ride on bumpy roads.

For a fashion-seeking lady, the best women’s hybrid bikes under 500 price is just the cherry on top.

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  • s=5’3″-5’6″, m=5’6″-5’9″, l=5’9″-6′, xl=6′-6’4″.

#3 sixthreezero Pave nTrail Hybrid Bike

Sixthreezero Pave nTrail is a bicycle built for the city, suitable for urban commuting.

Heavy parts will make the bike a hassle to ride off-road. You may experience some nasty bumps and jolts.

But the wide tires and suspension strive for a few comfort for woman who want to explore the terrain.

Sixthreezero Pave nTrail may not be the most widely used machine, but it creates a great riding experience for commuting in the city, cruising in a local park or university campus.

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  • one-size, 26inch wheels, suggest 5’4″~5’10.

best womens hybrid bike

#4 GHOST Square Cross 1.8 Step-Through Women’s Bike

This is one of our favorite models. Because we know that most shoppers spend money on the best hybrid bikes.

For starters, it’s a good value for money bike. The suspension fork provides excellent stability for use on potholes and rugged city streets.

Durable and adequate (mainly Shimano) components, coupled with a neutral step-through frame, give women maximum control.

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  • XS=4’9″~5’1″, S=5’1″-5’4″, M=5’4″-5’7″, L=5’7″-5’10”.

#5 Raleigh ROUTE 2 ST

The Raleigh ROUTE 2 is a dual-sport hybrid bike. Designed specifically for those like you who want a powerful, reliable and affordable bike.

Its step-through design means the bike works with almost any riders.

Travel’s 75mm front fork is marked as a Pre-entry-level hardtail mountain bike. Disc brakes have excellent braking power, and puncture proof tyres mean you can navigate mountain trails more smoothly.

The bike is ideal for college students looking to commute and explore local trails.

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  • SM/16in=5’4″-5’7″, MD/18in=5’7″-5’10”.

best women’s commuter bike

#6 Tommaso Sterrata Gravel bike

If you’re looking for a bike that’s both useful and fun, consider Tommaso Sterrata. This is our other favorite model.

Wider tires, tie-in broad scope of gear, means that even in the rugged place also can hauling stuff.

Adding the carbon fiber front fork helps absorb any impact from front wheel, which makes you walk smoothly on the road. All of these settings will increase the reliability of long commutes.

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  • XS=5’2″~5’6″, S=5’6″-5’8″, M=5’8″-5’11”, L=5’11”-6’2″, XL=6’2″-6’5″.

#7 Diamondback bikes HAANJO 1

HAANJO 1 was a goal we pursued along the river, and was a great way to enjoy the view.

This bike has good road performance. Wide tires and comfortable saddles really shine on smooth, long, flat gravel roads.

The tire has a flat protective layer and maintains grip on the gravel, allowing us to roll through small debris with ease.

The upright geometric frame allows us to maintain high cycling capability without straining our backs, even in the rugged countryside.

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  • XS/47cm=5’1″-5’4″, SM/50cm=5’4″-5’7″, MD/53cm=5’7″-5’10”, LG/56cm=5’10”-6’1″, XL/59cm=6’1″-6’4″.

best women’s city bike

#8 Laventino Glide 8 Ladies Urban Bike

Laventino Glide 8 is an entry-level city bike that is ideal for urban tour.

The relaxed, step-through style geometry of this bike will allow you to spend a comfortable day in the saddle.

Shimano Nexus expertise in making race-ready road machines into an impressive hybrid.

As a daily commute, it gives you everything you need to get from A to B. The warning from the front and rear lights makes you safer, and the rear rack can hold your commute bag.

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  • 49cm=5’1″~5’4″, 53cm=5’4″-5’7″, 57cm=5’7″-5’10”.

#9 GT Transeo Elite Step Thru Urban Bike

The GT Transeo Elite is also a dual sport bike. A great bike for someone just starting out off-road.

The wheels provide excellent stability. The front fork has enough travel for you to ride comfortably on the most gentle path.

The hydraulic disc brake allows you to stop immediately without violent movement. It’s hard to find another price tag of the same quality.

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  • S=5’5″~5’8″, M=5’8″-5’11”, L=5’11”-6’1″.

#10 Co-op Cycles CTY 2.1 Step-Through Bike

CTY 2.1 is a gift to Co-OP Cycles for recreational cyclists who want to ride a quality bike without spending a lot of cash.

You can get good parts. And Shimano has enough gear to allow you to go uphill quickly.

Its predictable handling and mechanical disc brakes will give you confidence even when you’re nervous.

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  • XS=5’0″~5’3″, S=5’3″-5’6″, M=5’6″-5’9″.

best bicycle for women’s fitness

#11 Tommaso La Forma Hybrid Bike

Tommaso La Forma is designed for your commute and bike workout. Comfort and reliability are the basic premises of this bicycle.

Although the rim brake is not as good as the disc brake, but is not a problem to be found fault with. Its performance is good.

La forma is a road bike facing hybrids. It will walk on the outer edge of the asphalt, not too far away from the paved roads.

The bike has the same frame and front fork as a sportif road bike, and the tires won’t be wider, which allows you to drive fast and complete your workout mileage.

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  • XS=5’1″~5’4″, S=5’4″-5’7″, M=5’7″-5’10”, L=5’10”-6’0″, XL=6’0″-6’3″.