Quick start indoor cycling for beginners

Last updated: Jul, Wed, 2020

More and more cyclists want to get back on their bikes and keep cycling indoors. Here is the guide of start indoor cycling for beginners. That way you can engage in targeted exercise to improve your endurance, cardiovascular health, avoid respiratory infections and so on.

Today, our lives are changing dramatically, because it’s really incredible that the coronavirus is still going on.

And right now, there’s no foolproof strategy that you can completely avoid, unless you distance yourself from everyone and everything.

Cycling is a way of life that has the best of both worlds. It can help you boost your immune system through exercise, although there is no guarantee which ability to achieve full immunity.

And predictably, the quality of life for some of us may decline at some point in the future.

But riding a bike will keep you at a social distance and will save you some money on transportation during the transition period. But wait for the city to unblock, and commute by bike.

what you need for indoor cycling

So, before go to start indoor cycling for beginners, you’ll need some equipment. At the very least, you’ll need a bike, a smart trainer, and a monitor or iPad.

You can also up a budget for accessories that will improve your indoor training experience.

  • A good fan to keep calm.
  • A few exercise towels will save the sweating dropping.
  • Sweat headphones.
  • Kettles(important).
  • A bracket for screen.

Get your bike ready

Regarding bicycles, there are many types. The road bike is great. But there is no authoritative statement about what type of bicycle you need to ride indoors.

In other words, any type of bike can be indoor cycling for beginners, whether it’s a mountain bike or a cruiser bike. It doesn’t matter. It works.

But if you plan to start commuting by bike after the city reopens, I recommend think about a hybrid bike or a gravel bike.

Hybrid bikes can travel back and forth between paved and unpaved roads.

That means your bike can handle potholes but provide good speed and efficiency on asphalts.

Benefit from this advantage, which is what many commuters are looking for.

And, it’s also the best bike for a park rider. Many women likes to have such the bike as an alternative to their regular running in the park.

So, have you got your bike ready yet? No? Check here.

The trainer

But having a bicycle alone is not enough to keep indoor cycling for beginners. Indoors means a lack of freedom of movement. It’s hard to imagine your home providing usable space to allow you to get from A to B.

A trainer lifts your bike to help you idle instead of riding around. This allows you to use each pedal stroke to achieve your ultimate goal, whether it’s improving your overall fitness efficiency or losing weight.

By the way, an exercise bike is a device that binds you indoors. The trainer is not attached to your bike, so you can unload it at any time.

Outdoor cycling is a great thing. How crazy you would be hypothesis you continued to be stuck at home. Remember, we are social animals. Without social contact, we fidget and behave badly.

A bike plus the trainer is an effective and feasible scheme to keep healthy and social. Cycling allows us to turn our attention to the pedals. When we go outside, our happiness returns.

If you’re just starting and riding indoors just for fitness, then an easy-to-use turbo trainer is great.

If you need to buy one at home, a reasonable starting point is for you to spend $100 on a basic turbo trainer.

Smart trainer

But the cheap turbo trainers are not great for you enter the virtual world of cycling with others. This low-cost option, even when used with speed sensors still poor experience for beginners indoor cycling.

A smart trainer is the way to get the best experience. I recommend you buy one. Those trainers can automatically control resistance with try hard, which is especially useful for beginners.

To be sure, spending more money can make the pedal stroke more realistic, less noisy and a better experience.

The experience provided by Wahoo kickr is worth the money, but its price is too high for beginners like us.

Compared with non-smart trainers, a smart trainer usually have a direct drive design with a built-in power meter and variable resistance.

The variable resistance on the smart trainer makes you feel as if you are actually riding in the online world, so it increases when you go uphill on the screen and decreases when you go downhill.

Leading brands integrate ANT+ into their products to ensure you get the data you need when and where you need it. You can use these data to improve your efforts.

ANT+ is a wireless technology that links and communicates with your existing equipment: indoor trainer, power meter, heart rate monitor etc.

A sophisticated trainer can consume more power and easily connect to training applications, such as Zwift, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest, BKool.

Zwift & virtual cycling

While there are many different indoor training applications available, Zwift is arguably the most versatile and almost certainly the most popular. It is very friendly to beginners indoor cycling.

Zwift is a turbo trainer game that allows you to link the turbo trainer to your computer, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV to ride with other cyclists in a virtual environment, helping to reduce the boredom associated with indoor cycling.

Long passionate about cycling, Zwift is a team of experienced software and video game developers and avid cyclists.

Combining this passion with a deep understanding of the cycling world, Zwift is the first company in the world to translate the outdoor cycling experience into most indoor multiplayer gaming technologies.

From organized exercise and training programs to friendly RACES and recreational group cycling, Zwift is there for you in pursuit of a great indoor cycling experience.

With many beginners from over 150 countries and regions, you can meet and ride together in a beautiful and realistic 3D world.

When you connect to Zwifi, you’ll be surprised how much better the game can be than an outdoor bike ride — by Zwift say.

Weather, traffic, time constraints, and distance from other cyclists can all benefit from indoor cycling.

I’m not sure if you have the same experience, but if it’s wet or cold outside, the online world would be better. Yes.

You can find a variety of virtual routes on zwift, like New York and London line. And each of which has a ranking list.

Zwift requirements

Zwift can be works on Windows, iOS, iPhone, iPad and AppleTV, as well as Google Play. For beginners indoor cycling, I’m sure you have these devices.

The most widely used option is iOS, the iPad is certainly easy to portable, and the AppleTV option is the most cost-effective way to use Zwift in full HD on the big screen.

Here are the current minimum requirements in order to run Zwift:

  • OS: Windows 7 x64 bit, iOS 10.8, Android OS
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Graphics: 1GB dedicated GPU, or embedded Intel HD 4000/AMD R5
  • Hard Drive: 4GB of free space

Link Zwift

With all the gear, it’s time to go. The first step is to download the Zwift application to your device.

You are then prompted to set up an account and provided with details such as gender, height and weight, which will be used to create your avatar and accurately measure your speed in the game.

The next step is to set up your avatar, for him or her with some nice gear as well as your bike.

If you’re new to the game, then you won’t have a lot of jerseys and bikes to choose from, but the more you ride, the more you’ll achieve and upgrade, and allowing you to unlock more costumes, bikes and wheels.

After that, you can start riding. These are simple setup steps that are like with Pokemon Go.

Zwift’s Drop Shop is an online marketplace where you can buy kits and components (once you’ve reached a high enough level to unlock each item) , and using in-game currency earned by accumulating miles on the platform.

It’s worth noting that Zwift was initially free. Unfortunately, that’s offline over. If you sign up for Zwift online, you will get a 7-day free trial, but after the trial period, continuing to use the account will cost you £12.99 / $14.99 per month.

Where can you ride in Zwift?

There are eight maps available on Zwift: the huge base map of Watopia, plus smaller maps in London, New York City, Richmond, Harrogate, Innsbruck, as well as two event only maps Bologna and Crit City.

Each world has many preset routes for you to ride, or you can freely pedaling on a map.

New York City is the world 100 years from now, and most of the routes are within central Park.

Richmond and Innsbruck were road world championships in 2015 and 2018 copies of the course.

London adopts the Route of the Prudential RideLondon Classique, while Watopia is a fixed course based on Solomon Islands rules Strava.

There are many user-generated Strava clips, but each course contains three different official clips.

Compare your time in each segment with that of any other rider in the course at the time, and if you are the fastest rider there, you will get a jersey for the rest of the ride.

Can I use Zwift for structured training?

Yes. If you want to use Zwift for serious training rather than just cycling, you may be interested in Zwift’s exercise patterns and group workouts.

Zwift has over 1000 structured workouts (essentially interval training) that you can choose from, or you can build your own, or even sign up for a long-term training program.

These plans are made by real coaches and designed, so if your life is busy, you can easily schedule meetings to accommodate what is happening in the real world.

You can join a group exercise through the Activities page. In these rides, the team is tied together, so as long as you keep riding, you don’t fall off. If you haven’t ridden yet, you will be alerted.

In group exercise mode, all riders train at the same level of effort that’s based on their FTP percentage. This means they can produce different power values and still stay in sync.

If you do not know FTP, you can use the FTP tests available on Zwift’s Exercise page. There are plenty of exercises to choose from.

After cycling, the test is very easy to do. On the left side of the screen, you have the overall structure of your workout, the bottom is a graph of your strength throughout the workout, and the top is an indicator of your current strength and the strength you should target at that particular interval.

If you exercise with a smart trainer, it will regulate resistance to help you maintain your target power.

Training start

Zwift has enough training programs on it that you just need to choose one to follow. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

2 to 3 times a week. You can absorb and benefit from the intense intensity of a 45-minute to hour-long class.

As a beginner indoor cycling start with a small amount of training and gradually increase the amount of time spent on each ride.

It is important that, it won’t take up your work time. This is usually a weekend playtime

Those apps are both fitness trackers and social platforms that help athletes measure your progress and take responsibility for your training goals. Those classes will teach you how to get out of the novice’s shadow.

Ideally, the experience of starting with training will motivate you to continue working out and compete in challenging bike RACES. Like getting your first badge on a triathlon ride.

Once you have the right equipment, you can start to develop a training times. Here are some tips to help you manage your daily. As a beginner’s better write it down.

Before training:

  • Getting enough sleep is the key to good health. And will improve your overall quality of life, allowing you to train more and recover faster.
  • The body needs the right amount of energy for vigorous exercise. Give your body the fuel it needs three to four hours before a carbohydrate-centric healthy diet.
  • If you don’t want to interrupt a day of training, caffeine can reduces your perceived fatigue and makes exercise look easier. It takes about an hour to get the best results, but don’t take it too late in the day or it can interfere with sleep.

During exercise:

  • Sweat makes you feel bad and uncomfortable. You need to have a fan that moves a lot of air and places it where it covers the maximum surface area of your body.
  • A good song can motivate you to keep going. And eliminate boredom.
  • Pay attention to staying hydrated. Drink at least one bottle of water every hour. Don’t allow yourself to collapse or suffer heat stroke.

After training:

You did it and now enjoy it to offset the days when we were all disappointed.

Can I race at Zwift?

Sure! Enter: virtual racing.

Matches on Zwift are listed on the main menu screen before starting the game or on its companion app.

To participate in the race, you need to launch the Zwift application and enter the race, just like any group you ride in Zwift.

Zwift does require you to edit your name using the abbreviation of driver category and race name.

You can enter any category you like, but if you find it too difficult or too easy, you can always fall or stand up.

Zwift group ride

If you want to stay social. Zwift are at your service. You can ride with friends on Zwift in several ways.

You can choose to meet at a specific location on the map of the same route.

You can also use the ride Companion feature to join Zwift with people who have ridden it at the time of login.

And, you can participate in organized events, or you can create MeetUp.

MeetUp is the most effective way to set up your own group ride, just make sure you follow any rider you want to ride on Zwift. And, find their profile, and click Create MeetUp.

You can also visit the Events page and click the MeetUp icon, then click Create. Set the date and time. Then, choose your route, set the total distance or time, and then invite anyone else you want to join.

Note: You can invite up to 50 riders to MeetUp only if others follow you, and you can schedule a ride 7 days in advance.

Do those features make you want to try? Now you are ready to go out into your living room for the first time, with a sweat covering, a mat, a bike and a trainer. Please enjoy!