Korea cycling travel recommendation meeting

Last updated: Mar, Sun, 2019

On March 25, South Korea tourism board will hold a bicycle tourism resources, oriented culture/tour operators, interested in South Korea cycling culture of the people from all walks of life, by South Korea, head of the tourism board, and K – VELO, Team Max Adventure and travelling clouds travel co., LTD. (South Korea) and other three local cycling service providers, to dive into the cycling + travel in South Korea’s bicycle tourism resources, including “jeju bicycle celebration” the activities of the masses, and features a driveway, etc

The Korea tourism board was established in 1962 as a public utility funded by the south Korean government. The Korea tourism board (KTB) has long been the backbone of the country’s tourism industry. Improving the tourism environment to attract more overseas tourists is one of the most important tasks of the Korea tourism board. To this end, the Korea tourism board in the tourism infrastructure, new tourism product development, marketing and publicity and other areas, carrying out a variety of multi-level activities.

The tourism department of South Korea hopes to let more people know about the cycling tourism environment of South Korea through the promotion of bicycle tourism. What is particularly attractive is that this recommendation meeting will also send the air tickets to South Korea sponsored by asiana airlines, as well as the special prizes provided by local cycling service providers in South Korea, as well as the shilla duty-free shop cash coupons worth 1200 dollars!