cheap Road Bikes for beginner

Last updated: Oct, Sun, 2018

Trying to find best value product in cheap stacks is not easy, the good news is that we’ve edited and compared some online road bikes for sale. Check our review that will help you save your time and money.

best road bikes for sale under 500

cheap road bikes under 500

If you are looking for a best proposal to buy your first road bike, then you have come to the right place. There is the place where most starters stay when you off budget. These bicycles are equipped with Shimano Claris groupset and are around $500.

The bicycles don’t get you on the podium, but if you’re just playing for fun or competing with yourself, it’s a step in the right direction. They are what you expect which a good performance road bike that reliable shifting and keep your wallet.

best road bikes for sale under 1000
best road bikes under 1000

What are your expectations for about 1000 budget to spend on a road bike? We have edited a series of the best road bikes with a price range from 600 to 1000 dollars to give you an idea of best value.

At this range, you can expect a lighter weight, a higher quality groupset(from Sora, Tiagra and 105), and a more comfortable ride(carbon fiber fork). You also can participate in a lot of group events that helps to build your faith without worrying about too far behind.

best womens road bikes for sale
best road bikes for women

Are you a shorter? We had sort out these Specific’s women line if your height is shorter than 5 feet 5 or has aware your arms are too extend riding on a men’s road bike beforehand.

The geometric of these bicycle frames are optimized to make them more suitable for the women’s body proportions and to reduce a backache which increases more comfort.

By the way, the women’s are also applicable to shorter man and youth/kids if its color scheme not too feminine while you are looking for either a 48 cm or 50 cm size.

what is a beginner road bike

It depends on who defines:

  • Shimano classifies bicycles with has Claris components as entry-level.
  • Some amateur enthusiasts will be equipped with Claris or Sora components as bike starters.
  • Other serious enthusiasts see road bikes under 1000 as a beginner’s choice.

How Much Does a Good/best Road Bike Cost?

Before answering this question, let us first understand what parts of a road bike are made up of. That includes a frame(include the fork), two wheels, and groupset(main is drivetrain) and contact points(pedals, seat, and handlebar).

road bike constituent part
  • A lightweight(means less material, twig) frame will save your leg strength and takes less time to ride. A strong and rigid(means more materials, trunk) frame will not break easily while serving you for a longer time.
  • A good groupset offers more speed options, smoother shifts, more durable components, and less maintenance. This will strive for more time for yourself and more efficiency. You don’t want to see the shifting not work or the chain separation from gear.
  • The wheels are support bicycle to work and prop up the rider(220~250lbs).
  • The three contact points are related to your comfort.

When the road biking sport comes to the world it wanted you to prove yourself in this world of milliseconds like the Marathon. So to help professional riders get to the podium, manufacturers priority provide technology optimization on frame and groupset. This shows that these two places will occupy most of the cost of a road bike.

The decent entry-level road bike starts at 500 dollars, and from here start you are entering a world suitable for all tastes. These correspond to the quality and anticipation that is better to spend your money. When buying a bike that meets your budget, you have to weigh these two services.


The frame is the heart of a bicycle, the heavier bike will give you a ton of training(do you need lots of sweat?). While quality and technics binding with your budget, no beginner would like to see his new bicycle torn.

Different manufacturers use different levels of tube size, shape and wall thickness to achieve different quality. The strength of the frame is determined by many factors. Don’t get lost in the publicity about frame materials.

  • High-tensile steel is heaviest, hard, cheap, and absorb the vibration on the rugged road as well as can be flex to a certain extent. An over 300 lbs big guy should be getting.
  • Chromoly steel has a higher strength to weight ratio. That enables the frame to be made with less material (which means lighter and almost the same as aluminum), while still maintaining the same or greater strength than the Hi-Tensile frame.
  • Aluminum is light, stiff, affordable, corrosion resistant, but can’t flex.
  • Carbon is lighter, more stiff, costly and can be winding and the absorbing buzz is better than steel which provides a more comfortable experience.

The road bikes for sale under 1000 on the market are almost aluminum frame, maybe with a carbon fork. You don’t have any carbon fiber components in the under 500 for sale market those are aluminum and steel materials.

A carbon fiber road bike is not necessary unless you are a serious rider. But we can afford the extra cost of an aluminum or steel frame with carbon fiber components, such as fork, handlebar, and seatpost that can also make a significant difference in the aspect of shock absorption.


Let’s go on with the conversation, how much buy a road bike for beginners? A groupset will suck most of your overall cost, except the bike frame.

The groupset is an energy booster and is a key to measuring the value of a bike for your money. Any lacking gear of drivetrain parts will affect stability and compatibility, which means more maintenance needs.

Obviously, you didn’t want to put your cycling time into maintenance. When it happens is an annoying thing.

A complete groupset of a bicycle is almost always better to work than the mixed parts from different manufacturers, as the quality of all components will be similar so you can expect them to be similarly durable.

road bike gourpset drivetrain

The term groupset that will comprise of shifters/brake levers, brake calipers, bottom bracket(BB), chain, crankset(also called chainset), cassette, and front and rear derailleurs. These components make up a closed drivetrain.

STI is the abbreviation of Shimano Total Integration. This great design has put the braking and shifting control in the same group so when you shift the gears without moving your hands away from the brake lever.

The chain moves up or down on those circular metal discs with teeth by the derailleurs.

You can mix chainrings(plus crank arms is called crankset) and sprockets(the rear wheel pyramid shaped set of gears — cassette) to get a different speed rate by shifting.


There are three major groupset manufacturers. Japan’s Shimano is the largest and most famous, the other two “three giants” are Campagnolo(Italian) and SRAM(USA).

Shimano groupsets currently offer the maximum usable range that starts with Claris which often found in entry-level road bikes. The higher groupsets are lighter, more reliable and durable, and are offering greater speed rates and smoother shifting and excellent braking.

Campagnolo’s Centaur and SRAM’s Apex roughly comparable to Shimano’s Tiagra or 105. They were found in the middle market and did not have lower entry-level groupsets.

Shimano’s 105 is the best choice for mile crushed riders if you take 10000 miles a year, and the lower groupsets will soon wear. If you are a weekend warrior or a five – day commute in a week, Claris and Sora will work well this job(to 20 miles a day calculation).

Shimano Speed rider build cost
Claris 8 beginner average $$
Sora 9 graduate good $$+
Tiagra 10 enthusiast better $$$
105 11 serious excellent $$$+
Ultegra 11 racer top 5 $$$$
Dura-Ace 11 winner top 3 $$$$$

How much speed do I need? No matter whether you have confidence in your strength or not and a 16 gear bike can meet all kinds of your needs and don’t have to worry too much. Unless you’re riding a lot of hills that really needs some climb challenges.

If your budget is between 500 and 1000, it’s basically an aluminum frame (chromoly-steel less stock), which means you have no choice in terms of materials. So buying a new road bike often means deciding between groupsets.

Maybe you’re a commuter and want to start a green life, but if overpriced makes us feel unworthy or even stupid. The same situation we worried that we didn’t like this sport.

Give yourself an elastic budget. That’s my advice. Don’t set ourselves a budget matter.

A $500 smartphone will serve you for one to two years, but a satisfying bike will last 5 to 10 years or longer.

In fact, the cost of making a bicycle is quite transparent and you don’t need to spend 5000 dollars on a bike today. If you purchase online, you can return to the store within the set time.

What Road Bike to Buy

In terms of multifunction, a road bike is your best choice. It almost meets all kinds of needs of all people. It includes racing, sportif, training, fitness, commute, and trekking.

  • Competition road bike: professional riders. Do you want to get on the podium of the Tour de France?
  • Endurance road bike: leisure(sportive) riders, and long-distance riding or training. You can still test your mileage through events(charitable or triathlon).
  • Triathlon road bike: people who want to get a higher reputation in triathlon.
  • Fitness/flatbar road bike: Someone who wants to exercise or care healthy. The swimmer for training. And commuters.
  • Gravel road bike: have off-road come from commuting, trekking, and adventure.
  • Cyclocross road bike: commuting and trekking and mud events.
  • Single road bike: short distance commuting in city.
  • Touring road bike: travel.

Endurance road bikes have come to dominate the for sale market. It can take care of many aspects. If you need the ability to deal with unpaved surfaces, the gravel roads are a star.


There is no uniform standard. Shimano marked bicycles equipped with Claris groupset as beginner’s. In the industry, cyclists like to define the bikes for Claris, Sora, Tiagra, 105 all as starter’s. Some guys will be a target under 1000 dollars.


We always make logical mistakes sometimes. We hope that the “best” bike from the praise of the population is precisely in our budget. That is often unrealistic. This is usually asked to raise your budget. Instead, screening our goals based on our budget will go smoothly.


The riding purpose coalescent with your budget, you will get a set of the candidate list. Check out our review and comparison, I will give you a detailed description of how good or bad their parts are.