best commuter bikes

Last updated: Mar, Thu, 2019

With the popularity of cycling, there are many bicycle brands and types, which make many beginners(like you) want to break their heads for the introduction of their own commuter bike. Therefore, under the consideration of all sides, this paper unifies all the discussions and sorts out a series of guide for novice bike buyers.

Almost any bike can be used as a commuter, but each type offers different levels of comfort, range of paths, and distance. So, if you are interested in buying a commuter bike for best, riding speed may not be the biggest consideration, but comfort and durability are. The second think about where you’ll pass and how many long commutes you’ll take.

city bikes

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If most of you are riding around in a small town in the main streets, suburban wave to your neighbors, or between you and campus dormitory, a simple urban bicycle will face may be all you need, the upright position, one or 3-speed (or more, depending on the mountain). City common type is the single speed bike and beach cruiser bike. They do a good job of riding flat within three miles. They also require less maintenance than mountain bikes or road bikes, and cheaper.

best city bikes for cheap

folding bike

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The folding bike whose selling point is that it is easy to carry and store, is the best model for mass transit. But sometimes, the portability is not a good idea as it make a few awkward. I think this is a type that is almost obsolete. Of course, it can effectively reduce the probability of being stolen is reassuring. In theory, this is a kind of city bike, but you can also buy folding mountain bikes. If you are more than 5 miles, I wouldn’t consider it an option.

best folding bikes for cheap

hybrid bikes

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To be sure, not all cities are created equal. If you’re looking for more than just a bike to use in your daily commute, but exercise on weekends. Hybrid bikes offer a stable, comfortable city street ride, but it’s light, flexible, and includes enough extras to make it one of the best fitness blends for most people.

In general, hybrid bikes have shock absorbers on the front fork, which is more comfortable to ride and can handle some potholes. If you live in the suburbs or have some scattered rocks on a commuter route, the hybrid bike can be anything from five to 15 miles.

best hybrid bikes for cheap

gravel bikes
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OK, maybe you don’t have to deal with rock passages, but gravels are thinner than small rocks. The gravel bike is ready. This type is hybrid’s cousin. They are not have a suspension on the fork. The weight and speed is definitely better than hybrid bikes.

Look, this is the two ends of the scale, one side is the road bike, and the other side is the mountain bike. Hybrid and Gravel in between, and the Gravel tendency to road bike, Hybrid is near the mountain bike. Evaluate your commute and eliminate your distractions. However, if you’re 20 miles of paved roads, go the (endurance) road bike.

best gravel bikes for cheap
electric bikes
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These days we can always hear people talking about electric bicycles. It’s synonymous with green, as compared to cars. If you’re worried about joint inflammation, or simply don’t want to pedal, or ride farther, an e-bike is certainly an excellent aid.

best electric bikes for cheap

If you’ve made up your mind to ride to work, finding the best commuter bike isn’t easy, as it involves the functions you want (just commuting, or plus exercise), long or short distances, your physical fitness, and your wallet.

Of course, your first step is to identify your commute type and then compare and choose within your budget. In my experience, there is not much difference between brands within the same price range. I am talking about quality.