what is a gravel bike

Last updated: Mar, Mon, 2019

Technology always comes from humanity. This catty sentence can also be used for the development of bicycle hardware. Various types of vehicles come along with the habits of the knight and the way he rides. Currently, a new type named Gravel Bike from Europe and America Is causing a lot of market talk, and it is gradually popular in Asia, especially for gravel roads.

The bike is very similar to the Cyclo-Cross in appearance and looks similar to the endurance road bike that have been popular in recent years.In fact, the gravel bike is indeed a combination advantages of Cyclo-Cross and endurance road bike, so it can lead you to meet all riding needs.

First of all, the gravel bike in the fork and fork after widening to make the tire tolerance value more, some styles can even eat 55mm tires.By supporting fat tires can bring two benefits, the first is the frame is not easy to get stuck in sediment, the second is a wider choice of tires to provides bigger grip(note: general road bike only support 28mm tires, and endurance road bikes support 32mm tires).

When it comes to details, the comfort and stability of the frame, the comfortable Angle of the head tube, the long length of the head tube and the length of the rear fork all help to improve the riding stability and avoid skid and stall.BB height is also designed to lower, increase the confidence of the corner;And in the frame pipe design also have a clever idea, unlike other cars only the strongest rigid as the goal, the sand car requires more flexible pipe can absorb shock, and to be strong enough to parry the ravages of the knight.

Hydraulic disc brake has also gradually become the mainstream braking system for sand trucks. Hydraulic disc brake has all-weather, weather-proof braking performance, and in the design of less brake surface, wheel frame can be slightly lightweight.The same provides strong braking performance on sandy dirt roads, and because of the braking system’s structural design, it also allows support for wider tyre tread widths.The tires should be thick and thin so that riders can match freely. These greatly improve riding comfort and stability.

Go back to the source, gravel bike is popular in the United States of the emerging type, you know the vast territory of the United States, just sand road, rural sheep intestine path has thousands of kilometers, and this kind of challenging the earth’s surface, riding up particularly interesting, this is a kind of can be used as a commuter, riding, up the hill, training, buy vegetables, and even the game (long distance endurance), a bike passes kills the “all road”. So, you can choose detours now, to explore with poor roads, but the secret of the sparsely populated.