8 Best Women’s Step Through Bikes for Short

Last updated: Nov, Mon, 2021

Women’s step through bikes are a bogus proposition. Because the prefix is redundant. The step-through bikes are best for short women and older cyclists. The most common type is beach cruiser bike.

womens bike frame

The step through bikes are still available today. But are not women monopolize. That also applies to short (men).

It’s a stereotype.

The main reason for this can be traced back to the late 1800s and early 1900s, when women wore long skirts while biking. The extra clearance on the frame keeps the skirt in place when you step on it.

Now bike makers are dispelling that notion.

And today is best to call what used to be called men‘s bike as standard bike or unisex.

And what used to be called a lady’s bike is now called step through bikes.

In other words, bicycles have no gender. There is no women’s step-through bikes. There’s just convenience for short women or men.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, a step through bike is still a practical option if you want the flexibility to wear anything while riding.

Besides, as you may have noticed, there are less standard diamond bikes on the market today.

Those bikes basically has a low top-tube frame, and we call them compact frame bikes.

When the top-tube slopes down further, we usually think of step-through bikes.

Of course, the step-through bike is also more suitable for little who are growing taller.

bikes for short women

I guess you’re a short woman(no offense). You may have a higher consciousness of the bike’s safety.

When trying to look for the right bike for you, one of the most common problems is how to finding the size to fit you body.

Some bicycle companies add one smaller size, which just reduce size by standard models and color pink.

They used for many cheap women’s roads and mountain bikes by this method.

That is good for manufacturers who don’t have the capital to redesign a women’s bike. But those bikes aren’t really built for women.

So, if you’re looking for the bikes for short women, don’t stare at cheap bikes.

Fortunately, some reputable brand manufacturers have enough capital to redesign a women’s bike. And by adjusting the geometry of the bike’s frame to provide better fit. This meets the needs of female riders.

The most common benefit is that they include a lady’s kit, like women’s special saddle and handlebar (for better comfort), and the range tends to be reduced to smaller sizes to suit smaller riders.

womens bike size

The size of the adult bicycle is indicated by the height of the frame’s seat-tube. Instead of using the size of the wheel as a demonstration.

And some prefer odd Numbers, while some prefer even Numbers.

When bike shops or brands talk about the sizes, they specifically refer to frame sizes, so bike sizes and frame sizes are often used interchangeably.

Here is just a rough size chart to help you narrow down your search for suitable size bikes.

feet & Inchesframe size
4’10“-5’1” (147cm-155cm)XX-Small(44cm-46cm)
5’1“-5’3” (155cm-160cm)X-Small(47cm-49cm)
5’3“-5’5” (160cm-165cm)Small(50cm-52cm)
5’5“-5’8” (165cm-172cm)Medium (53cm-55cm)
5’8“-5’10” (172cm-180cm)Large(56cm-57cm)

The size table is not suitable for any one model, and even for the same brand, different bike sizes can vary from series to series.

This is because there is no real standardization of sizing. This means that a bike brand’s 48cm frame may fit a rider from a competitor’s 51cm.

In theory, the XS or smaller bikes are reserved for shorter women where you stop.

Manufacturers usually do not offer X-large, or even XXL size models for women. When you are looking for such large size, you will find that the men’s or unisex model exist one.

There is absolutely no bicycle printed with a gender, it’s all just marketing.

So don’t tie yourself down. Just make sure that the size provided by the manufacturer matches your height and inner range.

XS womens bike

Finding the right bike for your body can be difficult sometimes.

XS womens bike and women’s step through bikes can be converted under certain conditions.

Generally, women’s bike model offers X-small size, and has covered most riders. Even you are 12 year old lady also can adapt.

Or maybe you are man, and have atypical proportions or short stature.

Don’t worry, many women’s step through bikes come in gender-neutral colors, so no one will know you’re riding a “female” bike.

As mentioned above, everything is just a discussion about size.

By the same token, if you’re a tall woman that can have better luck on a standard/unisex bike.

Everyone is different, and different strategies work better for different cyclists.

Good results can be achieved by riding a standard bike and tweaking the components.

Choose the best step through bike for short

OK, do you know about bike types? And what kind of bike are you looking for? 

I don’t recommend buying bicycles under 300. Unwieldy can be a problem for you. Or failure rate is also a kind of torture to you.

This’s important to make informed decisions and ask what your needs are.

The popular step through bikes for women can be found in hybrid bikes, comfort bike, and beach cruiser.

For my point of view, the GHOST Square Cross 1.8 are the best bikes for short women.

Step-through bikebike type
Huffy Nel Lusso 26inchCruiser
Huffy Nel Lusso 24inchCruiser
sixthreezero Pave nTrailHybrid
GHOST Square Cross 1.8Hybrid
Co-op Cycles CTY 2.1Hybrid
sixthreezero Comfort BikeComfort
Cannondale Quick 4Road
Co-op Cycles DRT 1.0Mountain 

women’s cruiser bicycles

Beach cruisers are more durable and comfortable than other bike types.

They will ensure your comfort as you traverse the roads throughout the city and community.

Whether it’s running errands and going to school a few miles a day, or taking a recreational trip for the elderly, cruiser bikes are probably your best bet.

These upright bikes are portable, with padded seats that help relieve your ass, and chunky tires that roll over road debris without punctured.

They must fit your order. Because it’s easy to tell that there’s a step-through frame.

Beach cruisers step-though bikes are not for women. As we have discussed above, it is also suitable for men. So, you don’t need to search men’s cruiser bikes.

These bikes are theoretically one-size type. The XS size is not provided there, but typically come in both 24-inch and 26-inch (tires) size.

26 women’s bike

Beach cruiser bikes usually accommodate a wide range of height. If you’re an adult or over 15, you can definitely take a 26-inch cruiser. As you over 5′.

Huffy 26 Nel Lusso Women's Cruiser Bike
#1 Huffy 26inch Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike

Huffy Nel Lusso bike has convenient functions, including front basket, rear rack, drink cup holder and smartphone slot, you will love it. Those will save you a great deal of extra money.

The comfortable cushioned seats are slightly tilted and have a low center of gravity for better balance. The tail light can give directions to passers-by that guy here.

The drawback is that the coaster brake used by this bicycle need to pedal back to stop. This is not the manual braking you are familiar with. You may install a braker on front or back. It’s not a big bug, acceptable.

Check your deals

  • one-size, 26inch wheels, suggest 5’0″~6′.

24 inch women’s bike

If you have not ridden for a long time, or you are a beginner, or you are a young rider, even if you are an older rider and you have balance problems, you may want to consider using the 24-inch model. That right you better.

Huffy 24 Nel Lusso Women's Cruiser Bike
#2 Huffy 24inch Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike

Huffy 24 inch Nel Lusso cruiser bike with Perfect Fit frame that’s ideal for casual and recreational riders who are over 13 old.

Check your deals

  • one-size, 24inch wheels, suggest 4’8″~5’8″.

womens hybrid bikes

Hybrid bikes are designed to be the cross between roads and mountain bikes. They usually have large cushioned seats and upright handlebars for comfortable riding on roads, bike lanes and even some unpaved roads.

Park riding, fitness, and commute are their best scenarios. Some hybrid series offer an XS bike for women.

The thickness of the tires in the hybrids is appropriate to ensure smooth navigation on the nearby streets, and is enough to cope with the wear of the dirt road.

However, they are not suitable for more rigorous cross-country or mountain biking because they are not as light or efficient as bicycles specially made for these activities.

sixthreezero Pave nTrail Hybrid Bike
#3 sixthreezero Pave nTrail Hybrid Bike

Sixthreezero is a new bike brand that has gained some popularity online in recent years.

They are mainly focused on Cruiser’s research and design and for more complex bike types such as design Hybrid they do not have much start-up capital to store even more sizes.

The SixthreeZero Pave nTrail Hybrid Bike is more for casual riders and medium to short commutes.

Check your deals

  • suggest 5’4″~5’10”.
GHOST Square Cross 1.8 Step-Through Women's Bike
#4 GHOST Square Cross 1.8 Women’s hybrid Bike

GHOST Bikes are more popular in Europe. Square Cross 1.8 has excellent design and craftsmanship. The graceful step-through frame and color scheme will be attract even men with short.

The stunning of the standard entry-level components is quite smoothly. You don’t miss times. It can replace your daily running, swimming or commuting. Even a charity ride is great.

Check your deals

  • XS=4’9″~5’1″, S=5’1″~5’4″, M=5’4″~5’7″, L=5’7″~5’10”.
Co-op Cycles CTY 2.1 Step-Through Bike
#5 Co-op Cycles CTY 2.1 Step-Through Bike

Co-op CTY 2.1 Step-through Bike is not that different from GHOST Square Cross 1.8.

But If you’re commuting from a mountain in the suburbs, I’d recommend CO-OP CTY 2.1.

CTY 2.1 has better turbulence resistance than Square Cross 1.8. Of course, it also depends on your preference for shape and color.

Check your deals

  • XS=5’0″~5’3″, S=5’3″~5’6″, M=5’6″~5’9″.

comfort bike

The comfort bike looks more like a beach cruiser which have a women’s step-through bikes frame. These branches of hybrid bikes are designed to make you feel more comfortable while still allowing you to ride on community and city streets.

The extra comfort comes from the reduction of other functions. Older riders probably don’t care about efficiency. The comfort comes first.

sixthreezero Women's 21-Speed Comfort Bike
#6 sixthreezero Women’s 21-Speed Comfort Bike

The comfort bike is mainly benefited from oversized tires, as well as the front suspension.

For rides over 6 miles with the turbulence, it provides maximum comfort and reduces numbness in the joints.

The 21 speeds option compensate for the lack of efficiency.

Check your deals

  • one-size, 26inch wheels, suggest 5’4″~5’10”.

womens road bikes

Whether it’s cruising along the coast with friends or cheering on for the next triathlon, the road bikes give you faster speed and tighter control.

The option is ideal if you want to cover longer distances, explore the countryside or plan to participate in RACES or other road events.

However, it’s hard to find any road bike that carries step through frame. Mountain bikes are also not available.

But those sport types offer a compact frame. And the XS womens bike are relatively common, that’s very suitable for college students to run errands and exercise.

Cannondale Quick 4 Women's Bike
#7 Cannondale Quick 4 Women’s Bike

If you’re looking for women’s step through road bikes, you need to find out the manufacturer to customization.

As road cycling and mountain biking are the two biggest niches, common bicycle brands have opened women’s line for short.

Cannondale is certainly one of the most deserving manufacturers, and you pays a brand premium. I don’t think Quick 4 is worth it.

Check your deals

  • XS=5’0″~5’3″, S=5’3″~5’6″, M=5’6″~5’9″.

womens mountain bikes

Mountain bikes are extremely versatile. They are usually built for off-road use, but can still be cycling on any road and will travel slower than road bikes. Mountain biking is ideal for exploring the woods, trails, or going to a bike park.

Co-op Cycles DRT 1.0 Bike
#8 Co-op Cycles DRT 1.0 Bike

Co-op Cycles DRT 1.0 Bike is ideal as an encouragement to explore the wild for the first time.

It gives you the confidence to prove that you are not old, and the motivation to move on.

Cross country biking is you best trip.

Check your deals

  • XXS, suggest 4’9″~5’0″.